Film Thickness Measurement

ASET – F5x / F5

The ASET-F5x thin film measurement system combines SE technology and DBS.
The system provides sensitive, non-destructive, optical thickness.

Maker KLA-Tencor
Wafer sizes 100-200 mm Open Cassette
200-300mm Foup system
Measurement system DBS / SE / Stress (optional) DBS / SE
Illumination sources
  • Broadband Xenon Arc Lamp
  • Deuterium Lamp (optional)
Objectives Automatic, 3-position turret : 1X, 4X, 15X
Beam Spot
  • DBS : 40, 10, 2.7 um
  • SE : Measure within a 50 um well
Focus Automatic focus on measurement site
Computer Pemtium III 450MHz MMX
Computer 8.0GB SCSI hard drive

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